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What to Look For When Shopping for Down Bedding

Getting ready to purchase a down comforter or pillows? Following are some things you should consider when comparing and pricing down comforters and pillows, whether you plan to buy in a department store or shop on-line.

Read all the information on web sites very carefully. Sometimes you have to read between the lines. For instance, when reading the guaranty: Is it 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or longer? What is the return policy, if any? Is the guaranty and return policy representative of the quality you expect? Ask your sales person detailed questions.

It's true, you get what you pay for. Quality properly cleaned goose down is more costly. Quality lightweight down proof fabrics are more costly. Quality durable baffled box construction is more costly. True quality is just plain more costly. The trick is to not pay too much!

Perhaps the most important advise we can give is to Know Your Retailer. In the end, you are trusting that their representations are truthful and that you are, in fact, getting what you paid for.

The quality of goose down is measured by a term called Fill Power. A fill power rating of 650 or higher is desirable for warmer, lighter and fluffier down comforters and pillows. The origin of your down is also important. Asian down, prevalent in less expensive down comforters and pillows, is often inconsistent in quality and cleanliness. More

The Fabric(ticking) for a down comforter or down pillow needs to be strong, down proof and lightweight. Thread count is just part of the story. The weave and finish is of the fabric is perhaps even more important. More

Baffled by Baffled Box? Down comforters are made in a variety of styles such as Quilted, Baffled Box and others. Learn which style is best for you. More

Proper care for your down bedding helps protect your investment for years to come. Should you dry clean your down comforter or can you wash it? More